I'm experimenting with WordPress and the idea of an online presence. I also want a place to start documenting technical fixes to various conputah ("computer") problems, both to share solutions and to mitigate future amnesia I might have about how I fixed something and how to do that again. Some of you viewing these pages will know me and can skip the (as follows) intro:

They call me Nick. I'm 39, happily married with no children, a freelance computer professional by trade (note to mothers of young children: this is not a recommended profession, it can be stressful and complicated, I suggest forbidding your kids from becoming professional geeks; there are simpler and more fulfilling ways of earning a living).

Previous jobs have included IT Group Leader at the Santa Fe Institute and prior work as a Unix systems administrator. Currently working (May 2006) as a contractor for Bioneers (www.bioneers.org), setting up VPN's, a file server, a Linux server doing RADIUS, etc. Hobbies include computing, amateur radio, watching movies & listening to music, etc. Someday (soon methinks, because not being able to edit theme headers images is annoying me) this site will be moved to http://www.nickorama.com


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