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Sunday May 14, 2006

May 14, 2006

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13, 2006

Couldn't sleep, woke up at 5am and spent some time fixing Realplayer 10 (Linux) to listen to audio clips at when shopping for music (I find it quite hilarious that RealPlayer 10 refuses to play Realplayer clips at Amazon because the dated Real codecs that Amazon uses are "obsolete"). I've gotten most audio applications working again under Linux with the recently acquired M-Audio Delta 2496 soundcard which replaces the Realtek 655 built into the fabulously stable/reliable Tyan 2875 mainboard in the bench computer (runs both Windows and Linux); one must have decent music while keyboarding/working and it's nice to have the sweet sounding 2496 working now in both Win/Lin. I have found managing CD's and MP3's while working to be a problem in that without generating a lengthy playlist, the album stops playing and silence has reigned (often for hours) before I notice, since I'm usually concentrating on something silly like patching Rsync to work with HFS+ filesystems or some such nonsense. So, my audio-listening-while-working solution of late has been to listen to streams, as they're endless and I don't have to worry about fiddling with Windows Media Player, XMMS, or Winamp (depending on what operating system I am using at a given moment). Lately I've been enjoying old swing music streams, like those found at; for example the swing streams at

My good friend Fred says nostalgic inclinations such as my current fixation with swing music, simpler times, and days of yore, are a product of an incipent Wave 3 ; I don't know but I'll take Fred's word for it since I think he's probably smarter than I and certainly knows more about Elliot Wave Theory .

Hmm.. how to embed a picture?…ok

photo was taken in Germany in July of 2004 I think and will betray my interest in amateur radio ("ham radio"), travel, and appreciation of my wife's culture of origin.